Creative works



Multi-room Sound Installation

NCS_Hypogean-City is a multi-room sound installation of spatialized electroacoustic miniatures. The miniatures are transitioned using an AI style transfer. Their textual characteristics and dramaturgical progressions are built upon the sonification of timeline and geological data of the Italian city of Matera – a unique place protected by the UNESCO as World Heritage, being one of the oldest cities in the world with distinctive cave-like dwellings carved out of limestone. This soft stone consists mainly of calcium carbonate, a chemical compound of the elements calcium, carbon, and oxygen. Both the symbolic and numerologicalic aspects of those elements Ca (20), C (6), O (8) play a decisive role in the compositional process.

Matera’s unique setting is reflected in the entrance hall of the KMH through the dynamic placement of small-scale loudspeaker systems that stimulate the specific spatial acoustics of the venue.

The multi-room sound installation NCS_Hypogean-City was developed in 2019 for IN VITRØ - artificial sønification as part of the Interfaces Project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.