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D’après Études sur Paris by André Sauvage (1928)
Giuseppe Gavazza, composer

Presentation and screening of the movie realized in the framework of the workshop Études sur Paris by students of UGA Grenoble, LSU Baton Rouge (USA) and METS-Conservatorio di Cuneo.

In October 2021, as part of the EASTN-DC project, METS teacher Giuseppe Gavazza and METS student Lorenzo Venturino took part in a workshop in Paris entitled ÉTUDES SUR PARIS, aimed at making a film inspired by the homonymous film of the 1928 by André Sauvage. Students of the Institut d'Urbanisme et de Géographie Alpine (IUGA) of Grenoble (France) and of the Louisiana State University of Baton Rouge (USA) took care of the shooting and editing of video materials retracing the same locations of the 1928 film by Sauvage , highlighting continuity and changes in the environments. The same thing happened for the sound recordings, realized by METS. In a further step following the workshop, METS students Lorenzo Venturino, Nicole Lovera, Amedeo Ripa Buschetti di Meana, Simone Franco and Luca Perona finalized in studio the audio part of the new film, which has been presented to the audience in Cuneo as a world premiere, preceded from a brief introduction to the project, by Giuseppe Gavazza.