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Spheres of Resonance, Sonic Patterns

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Spheres of Resonance (CD 1&2) – Sonic Patterns (CD 3&4)

The two double CDs "Spheres of Resonance" and "Sonic Patterns" contain the most important works from Ludger Brümmer's compositional oeuvre.

In addition to purely electronic pieces, there are also several works for instrumentalists, all of which interact with the computer in some way.

Central to Ludger Brümmer's compositional concept are the methods of granular synthesis and physical modeling. In this way, a dramatic world of sound is created in which sound structure plays a large, almost expressive role. In many works the interaction with historical material is central – an attempt to build a new language on old foundations, with sometimes astonishing results.

The two double CDs, published by WERGO in the Edition ZKM, are a result of the EASTN-DC project and funded by the Creative Europe program.