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Zirkonium Workshop

This workshop provides an overview of Zirkonium 3.4, the latest version of ZKM |Hertz-Lab‘s sound spatialization software environment.

A sound server, trajectory editor, and sequencer rolled into one, Zirkonium abstracts physical speaker layouts and automatically pans sound sources based on their position which can be moved over time, either through interpolation or direct control over a network connection.

The first part of the workshop is open to a wider audience. Within a lecture setting, both technical aspects and usability of the software as well as spatial audio as a compositional tool are addressed by Ludger Brümmer and Dan Wilcox.

The second part of the workshop puts emphasis on a hands-on use of Zirkonium. Up to 15 participants can register beforehand. They should bring their Apple laptops (macOS 10.10+) as well as headphones and pre-recorded material they would like to try out on the Klankupolen.