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Mattias Petersson

Composer and performer of live electronics

Mattias Petersson (1972) is a composer and performer of live electronics in various constellations. He works with electronic music, chamber ensembles as well as operas. His music has been performed worldwide and released on labels like Moving Furniture Records, IDEAL Recordings and Fylkingen records. Together with violinist George Kentros he formed the duo There are no more four seasons in 2004. They take older pieces of music and recompose them to make them relevant to our times.

He studied composition with Bill Brunson, Pär Lindgren and Sven-David Sandström. Since 2006 he works at KMH where he is now a senior lecturer of electroacoustic composition. As a PhD candidate in composition at the Luleå University of Technology, he is part of the newly founded research cluster GEMM, focusing on Gesture, Embodiment and Machines in Music.