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Pär Johansson


I was born in 1972 and trained as a civil engineer and library and information scientist, but I have also read humanities subjects, e.g. Chinese. 1995-1997 I studied electroacoustic music at EMS for e.g. Anders Blomqvist, Lars-Gunnar Bodin, Andreas Hedman, Jens Hedman, Erik Mikael Karlsson and Peter Lundén. Since then, I have been active at EMS as a composer, librarian, studio assistant and teacher of acoustics and sound synthesis. I also work as a music librarian at the Music and Theater Library.

My music is often narrative, narrative, and sometimes contains immediately recognizable sounds, but it is hardly program music in the traditional sense, although I often draw inspiration from literary or philosophical sources. Nor is it conceptual sound art, because the aesthetic execution for me is as important as the underlying ideas. The intention is that the music can be enjoyed even without knowledge of the content of the idea.

My ideal is close to the abstract emotional narrative in a Chopin ballad. I want to avoid an over-intellectualized relationship with music, but therefore do not want to give up the formal austerity that characterizes Western art music. I also work consciously polyphonic, contrapuntal, with several parallel layers, a move I have taken from older art music. This multi-layered, or polysonic, way of working has mea