Stefano Rapicavoli

Self-taught drummer, he studied percussion at the Fiesole Music School. In 1985 he began his activity as a percussionist in various lyric, symphonic and chamber orchestras. His interest in improvisation saw him collaborate since the early eighties with various national and international jazz musicians. In 1998 he founded the Hovercraft Ensemble group, with whom he recorded the CDs “Zig Zag” (Silence, 2000) and “Est Pop. Tribute to Bela Bartok “in 2003. Since 2002 he has been Director of the Sunrise Jazz Orchestra. Since 2013 he has collaborated with the Tempo Reale center in Florence. In 2015 he formed the MUX sextet, with which he recorded the cd “Viale Redi Blues”  for the Dodicilune Records label.