Organization :

Festival TRANSFO 2018

Grenoble | France
19 January, 2018

ACROE Proposes “Digital Arts: Touch the Sound”
Come experience how to create your own virtual instruments, and play them gesturally with ACROE’s new music creation software.
These meetings take place within the framework of the European network EASTN-DC

ACROE offers a session for amateurs (novices and confirmed) and music professionals (musicians, teachers, composers, producers, broadcasters) supervised by Annie Luciani, engineer and artist, Claude Cadoz, researcher and composer, and Nicolas Castagné, researcher and musician.

This session initiates a series of participatory meetings organized by ACROE, in the form of conferences, open houses, workshops and exchanges, open to the public and professionals, on digital tools for artistic creation, and on critical issues that open up the debate: How to think about the place of the body in digital creation?

How do different approaches to computing (virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) respond to this concern?
Can technology be a positive factor of creativity, individual and / or collective?