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MASTERCLASS ON ACOUSMATIC COMPOSITION with David Berezan. Professor and Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studios at the University of Manchester

METS EASTN-DC festival, “Music on (W)edge”
Lunedì 11 Aprile 2022 ore 9:30-13 and Martedì 12 Aprile 2022 ore 9:30-13 e 14:30-18:30, @ Ex-Caserma Cantore, studio A1, Via Pascal 9.

Berezan held a masterclass lasting two days, in which he gave METS student composers a deep insight into his acousmatic works, some of them performed during the METS FEST with himself at the diffusion desk. Berezan also conducted a session of individual classes with student composers, giving precious feedback to their works.

David Berezan during his masterclass about acousmatic composition