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Dynamic Heterotopia – Virtual Echo, Propagation and Absorbtion

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Conference “Reflection and Heteroropia “
@ DCAC 2020 online Festival, organized by AVARTS Department, Ionian University, Greece

In this presentation, we examine the conjunction between (1) the mythologic concepts of auditory echo and reflection, (2) their extension to visible phenomenon, (3) a new digital technology and a new interactive art. We introduce a new concept, called “interactive simulated matter” allowing to render wide variety of echoes, reflections or more or less permanent absorbing effects in response of actions. We present 3 artistic creations experiencing this concept with a software called GravDyn, for Dynamic Engraving, developed by ACROE :

“EtOndes..Particules” (2010) by Mélanie Lesbats and Kevin Sillam
“Somnambule” (2007) by Kevin Sillam and Noé Guirand
“Wanderings” (2017 – 2019) by Annie Luciani