Embodied Telematic Live Coding for Interactive Performance of Music and Dance
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Embodied Telematic Live Coding for Interactive Performance of Music and Dance

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@ Musica Viva 2021 Festival, organized by MisoMusicPortugal, Lisbon, Portugal
15 November 2021 – 17h – 19h

Embodied Telematic Live Coding
Techniques for Interactive Performance of Music and Dance with Sensor data transmitted over the internet live

The workshop shows how to create augmented telematic performances involving live coding, instrumental performance and dance, and transmitting data from sensors as well as sound via the internet. We experiment with the creation of sound and images through movements tracked with wireless sensors. Data from sensors worn by the dancers are transmitted to two computer programs, which controls the generation of sound and image in real time. The aim of this work is to explore how dancers can use simple patterns of sound and image and basic interaction rules to create a sense of dialogue, and how several performers can manipulate the sound generation processes b intervening both in the stream of data and in the stream of audio signals transmitted. This opens the possibilities for a very tightly knit ensemble where coding and embodied performance are intimately linked. For sharing of code we use OSCGroups by Ross Bencina with a custom library in SuperCollider by Iannis Zannos. For sound streaming we use sonobus.

Iannis Zannos works on Computer Music and interactive media arts at the Department of Audiovisual Arts. Currently his research focusses environmental issues as well as problems of multiculturality are reflected in media-art terms, in particular collaborative and performance practices with gestural devices employing telematic technologies.