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Band together with Digital Musicians

A presentation and live-demo about constructing Mix Reality Musical Duels by Ricardo Climent using the Unreal Game Engine 4.
After a 10-year journey using game-audio and game engines to construct sonic centric immersive experiences, Ricardo will introduce his new ideas towards combining his different digital instruments for competitive Musical Duel performances.
His collection of digital instruments includes a Bass clarinet, two African timbila, a VCS3 synthesizer, a 4-stringed Asian Pipa, a Microbial Ensemble, a Violin, a meca-bird simulator, a marching-band Snare Drum and an Ethertrum, an instrument to audify the Ethereum blockchain.
The first formal Duel battle will be presented in September 2018 at Festival Música Actual Manises in Valencia, alongside Sigma Project (a Saxophone Quartet) and Manusamo & Bzika (3D models). These Sonic Duels are informed by the concept of applying “eSports” in the context of traditional Musical Battles and Duels, typically seen between snare drummers in marching bands, beatboxing battles, saxophone battles, etc.