How do you want to do it ?
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How do you want to do it ?

contemporary performance of Live Coding

Laptops are the guitars of our time. Jacked into a beamer and sound system, this intimate supercomputing experience is amplified for an auditorium.

The stage is set for the contemporary performance of Live Coding.

Making algorithmic and generative creativity live asks all of us some hard questions. How to input our mind and body on a keyboard using abstractions of mathematics and logic? What to expect and how to absorb it? What to prepare for and what to improvise? How deep do we go constructing, manipulating, modulating and reconfiguring the instrument on-the-fly?

We do not want to repeat the past. We do not know all the answers. But we know the first step: Show us your screens!

How to perform or dance, how to watch or listen, that choice we leave to you.