Creative works


Multimedia interactive installation – Sonic and visual knowledge of water

The installation had its fulcrum in a fundamental element for human life that we need to preserve: water.

During the summer of 2019 METS students picked up sounds and visual details of the "aquatic" landscape of Beinette and then converted them in a multimedia experience in the Olivetti Hall.

Through sensors and hydrophones (the latters realized by the british sound artist Jez Riley French) the visitors of Hydrosophia were able to interact with the installation, dipping their hands and objects symbolizing waste in boules full of water, thus changing the natural landscape visually and sonically represented in the hall by video and audio materials. The changes were the introduction of new sounds and distortion and corruption algoritms applied to sound and videoclips of natural elements, demonstrating how even the slightest unconscious human intervention can disturb precious balances in nature.

The lake of Beinette (Ph. Samuele Silva)
Hydrosophia in the Adriano Olivetti Hall