In Focus João Madureira

In Focus João Madureira

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Questionnaire/ Interview

· Which paths led you to composition? ·

João Madureira: What led me to composition was the strong idea that it was the way to express myself. I never realised that what I was doing with music in my young age came from an imperative need. I recall that once a teacher in the classroom led me to realise I was singing without even noticing… This happened in my 6th school year. I never thought of having to go off in search of music. It was always music that found me.

· Which moments from your music education do you find the most important? ·

JM: The beginning of my music education and the beginning of instrumental classes, along with, obviously, the beginning of Composition classes with professor Christopher Bochmann. Before that, I always thought about music as something which came from mere inspiration. Only later did I realise that music was the articulation between inspiration and technique. I still think this is true today.

· Which references from the past and the present one can find in your music practice? ·

JM: Let me give you the names of the following composers: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Berio and Ligeti.