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Research Session – Virtuoso: further avenues of exploration

Prototyping A VR Trainer with the MYO Armband

HSIF-funded project Virtuoso is a collaborative effort between Manchester University academics from Music (NOVARS Research Centre), the Alliance Manchester Business School and EON Reality, a company specialised in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) software for Education and Training. Find out more about this biofeedback-based training system for violinists to understand how to reach the highestlevels of musical performance learning from a VR and potentially AR training system. The Virtuoso team includes Richard Allmendinger (AMBS, UoM), Jane McConnell (Eon Reality UK, Manchester), Ricardo Climent (NOVARS, UoM), Chris Rhodes (NOVARS, UoM), Cameron Sands (Computer Science, UoM), and Kieron Flanagan (AMBS, UoM)