Creative works



8-channel fixed medium

Unearthed explores the sounds of soil and things found within it. The work was inspired by my efforts at gardening in my allotment plot. Turning over and preparing the soil each spring reveals a rich layer of regolith below the surface, plant roots, soil organisms and a surprising amount of discarded gardening materials, tools, glass bottles, plastic and metallic objects that has accumulated over the allotment's near 100 years of activity. These latter items are both a nuisance as well as sort of time capsule, and their revealing often reminds me of an archaeological dig. The actions and soundworlds of digging the soil, the discovery of hidden treasures and the micro-scale of the objects, inhabitants and organic matter that are encountered are explored in the work. Source sounds were recorded at plot 13B of the Humphrey Park Allotment association in Stretford UK, using a variety of traditional microphones as well as hydrophones buried in the ground.

Unearthed has been performed in Bangor and Manchester …
June 28, 2018, EASTN-DC Festival 2018: Concert 3, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall — Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama — The University of Manchester, Manchester (England, UK)