Matej Stupica

Award-winning artist from Ljubljana that does not steer away from the new media

Matej Stupica (born 1987) is an artist, working in various fields of contemporary art, theatre and new media. In 2014, he graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana with a bachelor degree in painting.

Stupica’s work consists of installations, drawings, artist’s books, paintings, illustrations for books, newspaper, music albums etc. His works are sometimes interactive, sometimes they include sound, performative elements, sometimes are just black dots on paper. For his work in field of illustration he recieved few awards. Since 2006 he has been publishing illustrations in Objektiv, the Saturday supplement of the Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik.
Since 2012 he also works in a tandem with artist Lenka Đorojević. For their work Monomat, they received OHO Award for Young Artists in 2015. Đorojević and Stupica are also authors of Neur-O-Matic, an analogue interactive installation produced by Projekt Atol Institute and Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratoy.

With his last projects he was, inter alia, a part of Ljubljana’s 7th and 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art U3.