Rosi Grillmair

Artist, programmer, lecturer on art

Rosi Grillmair, born in 1991, is an artist, programmer and lecturer on art, culture and technology in her hometown of Linz, Austria. She speaks on AI and art, maker culture and creative coding and is part of several open-source communities. In her work, she reflects on human behaviour, society and systems through “programmable machines”. She has authored several complex art projects, including the curation service Exhy (2015), which creates cultural events automatically, and The Art Retriever (2014), a real-time online visualisation of the index of value and visibility of works of art, also exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival. She has participated in several international art festivals and exhibitions, among others, at the Ars Electronica (AT) festival, TADAEX Tehran (IR), Medialab Prado (ES), Gwangju Media Arts Festival (KR), amberplatform (TR) and MKH Wels (AT). As a lecturer, she has collaborated with the NODE Forum for Digital Art (DE), D.A.H. Project Shiraz (IR), Kepler Salon Linz (AT), Creative Coding Barcelona (ES), Digital Welten (DE) and Schmiede Hallein (AT). She earned her master’s degree at the Interface Cultures Department of the University of Art and Design in Linz (Kunstuniversität Linz).