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Aavaaye darun

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on Persian sacred texts, for guitar, recorded voices and live-electronics (ca. 7′), world première

The composition has a title in Farsi which means "inner sound, sound that comes from within" and employs material from declamations of sacred Persian texts in Farsi (female voices) and parts performed on a pre-tuned guitar, modified to enter in resonance with two daf, large flat drums of the Iranian tradition. Electronic processing is exclusively realized in real time. Structured according to accumulation and relaxation cycles, Aavvaye Darun is characterized by a strongly evocative and mysterious nature, in homage to the Zoroastrian Persian cultural tradition.

Davide Ficco’s recording of this piece is the first one ever to use Corghi’s original audio tape materials, realized during the Seventies as the quadraphonic electronic part for the piece. That original tape seemed hopelessly lost until the composer himself found a stereo copy in his studio archive in 2017.

Corghi then entrusted these rediscovered materials to his former student, composer Gianluca Verlingieri, in order to create a new official version of the electronic part. The result is far from being a simple restoration of the old tape, since Corghi preferred to give Verlingieri freedom for a more re-compositional intervention.

Thus, the original and so far unknown tape materials (digitalized, restored and re- spatialized in a multichannel setup) have been mixed with new audio events, appositely recorded by Ficco and processed by Verlingieri, derived from the guitar part as Corghi himself suggested.