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Dodici corde e mezzo

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For guitar and synthetic sounds (ca. 11’)

The twelve and a half strings (Dodici corde e mezzo) are the six strings of the guitar plus to the six virtual strings modellized with GENESIS-Physical Modelling Synthesi Software-tuned on a six notes chord/mode. The half string is crucial for the macro-form: a virtual gigantic string anchored to one end, tuned 12 octaves below the F2 fundamental of the six notes chord/mode that harmonically colors the whole composition. Its harmonic oscillation generates very low frequencies: its fundamental, 0.0215 Hz (F -10 pitch) has a cycle of about 48 seconds. This oversized fundamental bass becomes audible because the half string pinches the six virtual strings: it is an arm-like virtual player. What I want to point out is that around 1925 Ezra Pound described, with visionary clarity, in his Treatise on Harmony: "In order to say it in other way: the percussion of the rhythm can enter the harmony exactly like another note. It usually enters as lower part, an even more deep bass, giving the main form to the sound."In Dodici corde e mezzo I have gone down even more, using a well-tempered deep bass sub-tone to produce the rhythm and the form of the composition too. To “embellish” this Ostinato bass with the live classical guitar I have chosen the Ciaccona form. The interpreter has a large margin of freedom and plays with the electronics on the basis of listening: there is no written score of the electronic part which is diffused by a small audio system located at the same point where the performer plays the non-amplified guitar.