Dalea Kovačec


In her artistic practice, Dalea Kovačec (1993) researches human perception through various media, and currently focuses on the topic of memory. She explores the relationships between memory and medium in different social contexts. Graduating with a BA thesis Altered Memories (2016) at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, she continued her master’s degree in painting. As part of her study exchange, she attended the Academy in Warsaw (2014/15). In 2018, she received the University of Ljubljana, ALUO Award, and in 2021 she was nominated for the OHO Group Award. She has participated in several group exhibitions abroad and at home, and individually with Reminiscences of Hiding II (KiBela, space for art, 2021), Closed Studio (DobraVaga Gallery, 2021), Reminiscence of Hiding (GalerijaGallery, 2019), Until the End of Memory (Camera Gallery, Kino Šiška, 2019), Altered Diaries (DobraVaga Gallery, 2018).