Olivia Kotsifa

Architect & designer, co-founder of StiwdioEverywhere

Olivia Kotsifa is an architect and designer with experience in Athens and Barcelona. Currently, she is foremost interested in co-design and co-fabrication of future workspaces and educational spaces. She has worked for 7 years as a Senior Lecturer in the Cardiff School of Art and Design in the United Kingdom, where she started Fab Lab Cardiff, a research and education digital fabrication hub for students, academics and the public.
She founded SYN Fab Lab, the first mobile Fab Lab in Greece that focuses in educating and co-creating culture and site-specific projects. Its aim, is to re-think our way of living, working and playing through design and co-creation of meaningful societal changes, unique to each place.
She is Co-founder of Stiwdio Everywhere, a location independent creative digital nomad art + design studio
Olivia is currently part of the Decode Fab Lab in Athens. Greece.
She believes that mobility has a valuable impact in the future of education and work, and supports it through her academic, design and consulting work while travelling.