EASTN-DC tour - page 2

MMP Talentos emergentes Lisbon | Portugal



2021, 2022

MMP NO FEMININO Lisbon | Portugal


ZKM Events Karlsruhe | Germany

2021, 2022

inSonic 2020 Online | Germany

11-13 December, 2020
The “inSonic” Festival will explore the new formats and artistic practices, including but not limited to the use of disruptive technologies, like “Machine Learning” or concepts such as “Extended Reality”, whose development gives rise to the shifts, transitio...

A DELA ? Is it working? Ljubljana | Slovenia

24-28 August, 2020
From 24 to 28 August 2020 at several locations around Ljubljana, the international festival of art, science and technology Is it working? will present the latest productions of Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory and its partner institutions within the European Art Science Technology Network f...

MMP at Stanford University (CCRMA) Stanford | USA

06-06 March, 2020

MMP at Corfu University | Greece Corfu | Greece

12-12 February, 2020

MMP CreativeFest Lisbon | Portugal

2020, 2021

Between 2019 Stockholm | Sweden

08-13 November, 2019
Between 2019 – new electroacoustic music in immersive sound systems

Agora Créative 2019 Grenoble | France

15-19 October, 2019
A week of concerts, interactive art installations, workshops, lectures and debates exploring digital creativity

Queens Festival Copenhagen | Danemark

13-16 May, 2019
The Queens Festival takes place in Copenhagen from the 12th to 16th of May 2019 at Aalborg University Copenhagen.