Concert “A Laugh To Cry opera”

Lisbon | Portugal
07-10 April, 2022

4 days concerts – World Premiere of « A Laugh To Cry » opera by Miguel Azguime

A Laugh To Cry is an opera intertwining relationship between text, music, acting and social activism; in a contemporary new opera (new op-era) form to express the insane reality of the world we are facing. It’s a glaring strength in the present, a cry of freedom against tyranny, against the destruction of art, the devastation of the earth, the omnipresence of arrogance and injustice, of oppression, the glimpse of the loss of humanity, and loss of civilisation as we know it.

• Miguel Azguime (Portugal) – music and text composition, performance & concept
• Paula Azguime (Portugal) – art director, video composition & concept
• Andre Bartetzki (Germany) – technology director & software development
• Perseu Mandillo (Portugal) – 3D contents, video & projecting developer

The interpretation involves five characters, represented by two sopranos, a bass and two narrators (female and male); 7 acoustic instruments: flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano and percussion and electronic media in real time.
The staging is based on multiple video projections built in symbiosis from music and text.
A NEW OP-ERA (a new era for opera) project by Miso Music Portugal / Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble

Pedro Neves conductor
Camila Mandillo soprano
Andrea Conangla soprano
André Henriques bass baritone
Miguel Azguime reciter
Jade Mandillo reciting
Paula Azguime sound broadcasting
Andre Bartetzki real-time electronics, technology direction
Perseus Mandillo, motion capture, VFX & 3D
Margarida Moreira design and light operation
Sara Janic costumes and scene coordination
Miso Studio technique

Sílvia Cancela: flute;
Nuno Pinto: clarinet;
Vítor Vieira: violin;
Jorge Alves: viola;
Luís André Ferreira: cello;
Elsa Silva: piano;
João Dias: percussion
Commissioned by the Warsaw Autumn Festival and the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation
Support: Ministry of Culture / General Directorate of Arts
Acknowledgements: Adalberto Alves, Susana Janic, Hiroyuki Saeki, Ylva Gruen, Saoud al-Tayari, Jakub Szczypa, João Cutileiro